2017 Breakfast Roundtable Discussions

TUESDAY, MARCH 28 | 7:30 - 8:25 AM

Grab a cup of coffee and join a roundtable discussion. These are moderated discussions with brainstorming and interactive problem solving, allowing participants from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and experiences and develop future collaborations around a focused topic.

RNA Therapeutics: Clinical Opportunities and Risks

Roel_SchaapveldModerator: Roel Q.J. Schaapveld, Ph.D., MBA, CEO, InteRNA Technologies BV

  • What can be done in preclinical development to potentially avoid SAEs in the clinic as observed with several RNA-based therapeutics?
  • What preclinical target validation steps can be taken?
  • What delivery approaches work best?

Overcoming Ongoing Delivery Challenges in Developing Oligonucleotide Therapeutics

Patrick_LuModerator: Patrick Y. Lu, Ph.D., President & CSO, Sirnaomics, Inc.

  • Lipid and polypeptide nanoparticle deliveries for oligonucleotide therapeutics
  • Conjugation strategies for improved delivery
  • Emerging approaches for delivery

Dave_GarmanManaging Formulation Changes for Peptide Therapeutics?

Moderator: Dave Garman, Ph.D., CTO, NoNO, Inc.

  • Changing liquid or lyophilized formulations
  • Demonstrating stability
  • Demonstrating equivalence
  • Navigating the regulatory requirements for formulation changes

What’s Next in Peptides

Moderator: Waleed Danho, Ph.D., Distinguished Research Leader and Consultant for Peptides, Danho Associates, Inc., USA