Here is a reminder of the 2024 Poster Presentations

P01: Accelerating Oligonucleotide-GalNAc Drug Development and Delivery with Advanced Manufacturing and Analytical Capabilities, Presented by Rafael A., Aurisco Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

P02: Untargeted Mass Spectrometry for Precision Oligonucleotide Analytics, Presented by Seema Z., Bachem AG

P03: Internal Fluorescence Labelling of RNA, Presented by Alma K., Chalmers University of Technology

P04: The Practical Capacity of Oligonucleotide, Presented by Jiayu L., Chemyouth Life Science (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.

P05: A Novel Machine Learning-Driven Tool for Oligonucleotide Characterisation and Manufacturing, Presented by Fabrizio P., CPI Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre

P06: Argonaute Localization Impacts saRNA Activation, Presented by Samantha J., Eli Lilly and Company

P07: Liquid Phase Oligonucleotide Synthesis by Nanostar Sieving, Presented by Christina N., Exactmer Ltd.

P08: A Side-by-Side Comparison of Microfluidic Mixing Technologies for LNPs Including Cryo-TEM Analysis of Bleb Structure Formation, Presented by Sydney M., Phosphorex LLC

P09: PYC-001, a Peptide-Conjugated Phosphorodiamidate Morpholino Oligomers for the Treatment of Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy, Presented by Adam M., PYC Therapeutics

P10: Leveraging High Throughput Measurements of Neuronal Function to Inform Oligonucleotide Drug Discovery, Presented by Luis W., Quiver Bioscience

P11: Discovery of Potential siRNA Therapeutics in Treating Chronic Diseases, Presented by Junjun W., Salubris

P12: Multi-Omic Analysis of SCA7 Mouse Model: Matching with Real-World Patient Data, Presented by Seolah L., Seoul National University Hospital

P13: De Novo Synthesis of Nucleosides and Nucleoside Analogues, Presented by Matthew N., Simon Fraser University

P14: Expression and Delivery of Therapeutic Antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 by mRNA-LNP, Presented by Nicholas H., University of Texas Medical Branch

P15: DEL-Generated Endocytosis Receptor-Binding Peptides for Oligonucleotide Delivery, Presented by Jason D., WuXi AppTec

P16: A High Throughput 3’-tag-seq Method for Detecting Off-Targets of siRNA, Presented by Henry L., WuXi AppTec

P17: Massively Parallel Assay for Internal Ribosome Entry by Human 5' UTRs for Circular RNA Engineering, Presented by Kyrillos A., Yale University

P18: Universal and Cell Type-Specific 5'UTR Features Determine Translation Efficiency, Presented by Li X., Yale University

P19: Ultra-Pure RNA at Synthesis with Ultra-Sensitive Assays to Match, Presented by Jamuna V., University of Massachusetts, Amherst



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