P01: Precision Ligations with Nucleic Acids Through Tailored Singlet Oxygen Generation, Presented by Annemieke M., Ghent University

P02: PolyVax: mRNA Vaccines for Cancer Therapeutics and Infectious Diseases Prophylaxis Based on Proprietary Polymeric Nanoparticles Platform, Presented by Cristina F., Ramon Llull University

P03: Sub-ng/mL Quantification of Antisense Oligonucleotides in Rat Plasma Using Trap-and-Elute Microflow LC, Presented by Remco V., SCIEX

P04: Evaluation of TOF-MS Acquisition Modes for the Quantification of OligonucleotidesPresented by Hans D., SCIEX

P05: Orthogonal Impurity Analysis for Oligonucleotide API Using Online 2D LC-MS, Presented by Xianzhe W., STA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a WuXi AppTec Company


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