OPT Congress Participant Testimonials


“Well structured, fantastic speakers, constructive discussions, and great interactions. The exhibitions from the CROs have been excellent and well received. I observed a lot of discussion groups indicating that the conference was very lively and productive. I also found the panel discussion very interactive with helpful contributions and opinions not only from the panelists but also from the audience. Job well done.”

- Ekkehard Leberer, PhD, Senior Lice Sciences Consultant, ELBIOCON

Being in academia, when I had the opportunity to come to this Congress, it was the exposure to industry and to the forward thinking that really occurs in industry because I think industry is really already a step ahead. And so networking and meeting more people, a Congress of this size are really facilitated that.

- Paloma H. Giangrande, PhD, VP, Platform and Discovery Sciences Biology, Wave Life Sciences

“I very much enjoyed hearing top scientists present their latest work, and I think now Boston is getting a huge reputation for excellency in the field of RNA therapy.”

- Nagy Habib, ChM, FRCS, Head of R&D and CMO, Mina Terapeutics Ltd.

“I find it really interesting that there's a really nice mix of scientific discovery and discussion, commercial application and translational, and even clinical information being discussed.”

- Mark Kay, MD, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics and Genetics, Stanford University

I’m really excited about being here because this is a great opportunity to get face time with our customers. It's great to see people together and really learn about what their applications are.

- Fiona Fitzgerald, President, Cytiva

“It's a very good networking venue and opportunity to learn the latest greatest from different companies and different developers.”

- Dmitry Samarsky, PhD, CTO, Sirnaomics

“What is interesting to me about this conference is meeting all the experts in the field. This conference brings all of us together, gives us the opportunity to present our great work, socialize with people, and have very good conversations and open conversations to build new medicines.”

- Chandra Vargeese, PhD, CTO & Head, Platform Discovery, Wave Life Sciences

I came to OPT Congress to learn about the new science, and see what's going on with the CMC sections.
It's been going great. I really enjoyed the science, really enjoyed the networking, and meeting new people.

- Chad Ratterman, Process Development, Nitto Avecia


I thought the conference was very well organised and presentations topics reflected issues that oligonucleotide community is facing currently. I found the digital platform very user friendly and didn’t encounter any issues during presentation and Q&A session.

-  Nadim Akhtar, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, New Modalities, AstraZeneca R&D

I am so glad that I attended in-person. The breakfast discussion, where we discussed the challenges that we face in this field, was excellent. The speaker portal and website, which contained the agenda and other meeting logistics, including discussions with attendees, was easy to navigate. 

- CSO, Mitotherapeutix LLC

I enjoyed OPT 2022 a lot. Great speakers and very nice interactions with great specialists in the field. I like the reasonable size of this meeting and the great choice of speakers.

- Oligonucleotide Therapeutics CMC/Strategy Consultant, ML_Consult LLC


“OPT Congress continues to be the premier conference for professionals involved in discovering & developing oligonucleotide therapeutics. OPT is a great way to onboard newcomers to an exciting, high-growth therapeutic market.”

-  Lael, Bachem Americas Inc

This conference was both educational and inspirational. My group will pursue at least one new research collaboration based on novel information presented.”

- Eric Moher, Eli Lilly

This conference had some of the best speakers who were the most accomplished people in the field.”

- Tod Woold, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Ctr


"OPT Congress was a great conference. I can tell a lot of hard work was involved. The on-demand presentations are great!"

-Bob Wu, Gilead Sciences

"The virtual nature actually helped Q&A sessions to be more inclusive with varied content."

Paul Manley, Orvieto Consulting

"For anyone who is responsible for discovering and developing oligonucleotide therapeutics, OPT Congress provides unmatched content related to R&D, CMC, Regulatory Affairs, & Business Strategy. Despite the virtual format, the technical sessions were of top-notch quality & facilitated a lively exchange of ideas. I look forward to attending OPT in person, which I expect to be as enlightening as the virtual event, if not more so."

Lael Cheung, Bachem Americas Inc

"This virtual event makes me feel connected to the community. It was good to catch up with previous colleagues. People's resilience in difficult times inspired me. Thank you!"

-Xiao Hu, Wave Life Sciences

"It was a very well-managed virtual conference"

-Tara Scherder, SynoloStats

“Well balanced content, perfectly executed logistics.”

-Dmitry Samarsky, PhD, CTO, Sirnaomics

“The scientific quality and value of the presentations was very high. The opportunities for networking were excellent. I very much enjoyed attending the conference.”

-Ekkehard Leberer, PhD, Senior Director, R&D Alliance Management, Sanofi

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