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Short Courses

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20 | 3:30-5:00 PM

SC3: Examining the Safety and Toxicity of Nucleic Acid Therapeutics - Detailed Agenda
Nucleic acid drugs continue to deliver on their promise to become a third therapeutic modality, in addition to small molecules and biologics. Several antisense oligonucleotide drugs have been on the market for some time, while the first RNAi approval was granted in 2018. In addition, numerous mRNA and CRISPR therapeutic programs have entered clinical stages. Despite the common “nucleic acid” component, the mechanisms of action and of non-specific effects differ for each of these drug types.

Jeffrey Foy, PhD, Senior Director, Toxicology, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

Shawna Weis, PhD, Senior Director, Regulatory Toxicology, Wave Life Sciences

Xiao Shelley Hu, Senior Director, Head of DMPK and Clinical Pharmacology, Wave Life Sciences

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Oligonucleotide Discovery and Delivery